Skymone’s Harry Potter Collection & Obsession

What is this place?

Hi, I’m Simone – also known as Skymone – and I’m addicted to Harry Potter. I have been since I was 11 and saw the first movie in the cinema. That led to me reading the books and consequently spending most of my spare time on Harry Potter.

This webpage (HPkegle.dk) was started by me when I was around 13. That sounds normal enough, but the internet was a different beast back then. We had dial up connections (ew) and WordPress was only in it’s infancy, so most webpages were pure html/CSS. Mine started out as an awkward web builder type of page with horrible gifs, but as my interest in Harry Potter news grew, so did my desire to present them to my fellow Danes in our language in a nice way. 

That’s when I got into web design and programming, which is what adult me is doing a many years down the line. 

But my interest in Harry Potter is still there, although there’s not as many news nowadays.


The collection

My main reason to ressurect this webpage (or reincarnate it to something new, but still the same also) is my collection. Until I was 19 and lived with my parents, I collected ANYTHING that had Harry Potter stamped on it. Books, posters, toys, news paper clippings, toe clippings – you name it.

When I moved into my tiny student apartment… I stopped. I just didn’t have the space. I sold most of my things, but kept all my books. My obsession has been sort of… Hibernating a bit, but lately with the world being the crazy thing it has become, I find that escape into the magical world that is the Harry Potter universe is very comforting. Thus I’ve also started my collection again.

I do mostly stick with the books now. Different covers and versions and languages. I don’t have a specific criteria why something fits in my collection – it just does.


Young Simone

My collection before I moved away from home – it counted 679 items and earned me a spot in the Danish Children’s Book of Records several years in a row, which I was VERY proud of (and now still proud and also embarassed).

I’ve added my whole list from my original webpage back then here, though atm it’s in Danish.


Adult Simone

Being an adult sucks. It means doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and all of this with absolutely no magic.

BUT it also means having a little bit more money and no one telling you what you should and shouldn’t buy.

So naturally, I’ve been adding new books to my collection. And Legos. Lots of Legos!



Wanna know more about me and what other crazy things I do? Check my other webpage about my cosplays!




Ok, but…

What is an “HPkegle”?

HPkegle means “HP pin”. Like a bowling pin.

Why, do you wonder, is my page called “Harry Potter bowling pin”? I have no clue. No, really, I don’t. My sister and I were joking around with the name when I was looking to buy my first domain. Before that, this page was “www.simoneshpside.k-nettet.dk”.

Rolls right off the tongue.

Anyways, as a joke, she came up with HPkegle. “Kegle” can also be a the type of cones at contruction sites. And a very convoluted way of saying someone’s dumb. I don’t know. There’s no logic to the name and it doesn’t refer to anything. It’s just a stupid name that has stuck with me for almost 20 years.

Here’s my original logo design. Enjoy!