A Magical Year

I learned of this book before Christmas, but originally thought it was a Christmas book – but I learned that actually, it’s an all-year calendar. Every single date of the year has a quote from one of the Harry Potter books. It also has lots of illustrations – some of them the same as the Illustrated versions, some never before seen and all of them by Jim Kay. Even though it’s a single artist, I feel like there’s a lot of variation in the drawings.

I have been looking for an excuse to buy this book for a long while, so when I needed a pair of cosplay contacts from Amazon, I bought this book also (even though it was a lot more than the lenses themselves, and probably just paying for shipping would’ve been cheaper).

Anyways, I thought about how to read it – save it for next January, read all until April or start in the middle of the book? Well, I decided on middle of the book.

And today’s quote is about chocolate – something I’ve been having a bit too much of lately, since it’s easter holidays. Oh well. Diet starts tomorrow, right?

Apr 13, 2022


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