Alles klar!

Today I went on a trip to visit our new kitten. He’s moving in at the end of May. And since the breeder is living half-way to the German border – well, it seemed like a logical step to also visit Flensburg.

And what does Flensburg have? Germans! And what do Germans read? Harry Potter – of course!  I got another two for the collection. Somehow I managed to remember wrong, though – I thought I already had HP5 in this edition, so I bought 6 and 7 to finish it – only to realized when I got home that I didn’t have the 5th one. Oh well, at least I didn’t buy doubles.

But speaking of 5th one – while I was away, a friend tagged me in a post in a local group where someone was giving away HP5 in German in the original cover edition – which I also don’t have. So I took a little detour on my way home and also got that one. So 3 more books added to the collection. Yay! And I still have an excuse to buy more HP books in Germany.

Lastly: Have a photo of my kitten. He’s adorable!

Apr 9, 2022


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