Birthday presents

Yesterday was my friend’s birthday, and we’ve known each other for a really long time. Growing up, we shared our HP obsession and later on, we’re also cosplaying together. I wanted to get her a present that would be personal and sort of symbolize our friendship, and I stumbled upon this custom Harry Potter-themed mug on Etsy, where you could choose how many people and how they should look, have in their hands etc. Although my hair isn’t quite as long as it really is, I think the likeness is actually pretty good.

I also made her a little card, which is just a parchment-style letter in an envelope with a green wax seal on (which I forgot to photograph, but it’s green wax and a tree symbol, which was the same seal I used on wedding invitations last year). Sadly, my green ink calligraphy pen had dried out and I wrote the letter kind of last minute, so I had to just use a boring old regular pen.

I made a cardboard Hedwig and tied both the letter and the package with the mug to it’s legs with yellow and black ribbons, since she’s a Hufflepuff. It’s not a big or expensive present, but I think she liked it!

If you want your own custom mug, I bought it from Etsy right here. This is an unpaid advertisement – I just wanted to share 🙂

Jul 27, 2022


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