Christmas at HPkegle

December has arrived and this year, our Christmas tree got a bit more Potter’y. I bought a super cheap Chinese tree train and modded it to look like the Hogwarts Express! It was a pretty simple modification, and it’s of course not exactly like the original, but a close enough likeness that everyone who’s seen the original train will know what it’s supposed to be. Add to that the decorations I bought last month in London and the ones from previous years and our tree is getting more and more Potteresque by the year – although, it’s still a family tree, so of course there’s regular (and irregular) decorations as well.

Another thing for this year’s december is these two calendar books I got on sale. I was eyeing them last year, but they were pricey before. At less than 10 euro each, I got both this time around. One has a cute pop-up tree and each date so far has been a little piece of decoration for the tree. The other has various different things – some are decorations, some are little booklets, some christmas cards. It’s a cozy little thing. I also got the Lego HP calendar (I’m all in this year, it seems) and I’m happy that it’s better than last year’s. So far it’s been miniature versions of things from the HP universe and minifigs. I like it better than last year’s calendar, which I honestly was really disappointed in.

Last on this little update I wanted to share my newest additions to my book collection – HP1 in French and the old cover version of Modern Greek. I found them locally on the FB marketplace and they were not that expensive and very good condition. The Greek one has the young Dumbledore on the back of the cover, which I think is a funny detail, since most of them use the version with old Dumbledore.

Dec 7, 2022


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