HPkegle year 1: complete!

A year ago, I decided to reboot this page and turn it into a blog. Last New Year’s, I basically decided that I wanted to give my Harry Potter collection the love it deserves – and part of that was creating this page. 

My collection grew quite a lot, although not as insanely as many other HP collectors. I’m keen to add more books, but I have many hobbies, so I have to split my money between them. Still, I did get enough that I filled out even more book cases than I started the year with, and I’m already running low on space – woups. I’m really happy with how my collection and the display of it is shaping up, though. I enjoy sitting in my living room and just looking at it. I’m weird like that. Harry Potter is a place for me to escape the negativity of the current world situation, and just sitting and looking at my collection makes the world a bit easier to cope with. It probably doesn’t make sense to most people, but I’m sure there’s others out there who understand.

In any case, I don’t really have a lot to say. I plan on keeping up my collecting in 2023 and I will keep posting about it here. I’ll end this post with some updated photos of my book collection as it looked 1/1 2023.

Jan 2, 2023


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