Maybe it’s May updates

It is a bit slow in my world of Harry Potter these days. Many of my books come from 2nd hand shops, flea markets, vacations and friends travelling etc. And spring and summer are the season for all of these things, whereas Winter is more dedicated to reading the books while drinking tea and looking out at the bad weather.

But spring has begun and with it, markets! A friend of mine recently went to one nearby and spotted some Harry Potter books I didn’t have. She even managed to get a really good bargain (3 books for 50 kr, which is less than 7 euro). They are the Danish 6th edition. Not an original cover, but still a nice addition to my collection!

I also finally got around to buying the 5th book in it’s illustrated edition. One of my favourite stores had 20% off everything for their birthday, so I got it at a good price as well. I do love Harry Potter, and I love a good bargain or sale, so best of both worlds.

Other than these small additions to my collection, I’ve been rearranging a little bit (again). I got a new shelf that I added a few of my interesting cover editions to, with matching 2nd hand finds. I moved my Diagonalley lego set to a different location, but I still have it on display. See my new books and the entire collection in the photos below.

May 19, 2023


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