New book: Polish HP1!

With this post, I really want to take a moment to appreciate my dad. He is such an awesome person.

I know a lot of people don’t have supportive parents. They have parents who tell them to grow up and get adult hobbies. Adults don’t collect Children’s books in various languages they don’t speak nor play dress-up all the time.

But not my dad. No, my dad supports my hobbies. He even helps me out. Got a problem with a cosplay? No problem, dad helps with suggestions and if it’s not something sewing-related, he might even try to make a solution. Travelling to another country? Sure thing, he will spend the very limited time he has during a work week in another country looking for Harry Potter books for me.

Latest in this line is this Polish Harry Potter book. Sure, I already had the 2nd one in Polish, and in the original American edition cover version that they first came out with. But I do absolutely love my dad for finding me this copy of HP1 in Polish with the Jonny Duddle cover. Seriously, my dad is amazing and I just wanted to take a moment to brag about that.

Mar 8, 2022


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