New Danish books

Originally, I was just looking for the 5th edition books that are pretty and a must for an HP book collector – I found the first one on Facebook marketplace near a friend of mine who happened to be planning a visit with me the next day and asked if he could stop by and get it. No problem.
Just in case the seller had other Harry Potter books, I checked her other ads. And she had HP4 in the 3rd edition.

Now, I had decided I didn’t want to collect this edition. It’s frankly not that impressive to look at. But I already had the 2nd one (found at next to nothing somewhere ages ago) and I’ve since discovered that there’s only the first 4 books in this edition. So I already had 1/4th of the set down… Naturally, I got both book and got a discount for buying more than one. Both books are in reasonably good condition. Now I’m only missing 4 of 7 in the 5th edition. Slowly, but steady getting there. I could get them all right now if I wanted, but I like to browse for the good prices. This one cost me less than half of what many others are asking for it.

May 14, 2022


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