New Lego set: Hogwarts Icons!

I’ve been in love with this set since it came out, but I didn’t so much love the price tag… And since it’s a Lego store exclusive, it’s rarely a part of supermarket and toy store 25% off (since most of them don’t have it). 

So when I finally had a chance to grab it at 20% off, I took it – I know I’ll be able to find it cheaper used or maybe it’ll go on sale for black friday, but I have been having a bit of a down period and I decided to cheer myself up with this set.

It’s a set with a mix of technic and regular pieces with many unique bricks, too. It’s definitely not the easiest set, but it’s difficulty lies mostly in the fact that it is big and not so much in building complexity. I enjoyed building it a lot! I took 3 days putting it together and I was REALLY trying to go slow and spread the joy out over longer, but when I first get started, I struggle to stop. There’s 22 bags in the box in total with the first bag being wand and glasses, the next ones are the books, then Hedwig and lastly the potion bottles, chocolate frog and -card and little gold figurine stand.

I really appreciate all the details and iconic items from the Harry Potter universe they included. There’s even extra bricks, so you can choose your house colours for the scarf – as a Ravenclaw, I of course chose the blue one! Size-wise, it’s always kind of hard to imagine how big these big sets are. I actually thought it would be bigger, but it is still quite big. I’ve included a photo with the small Hedwig set (75979) just to show the scale. I’ve also added detail shots of the finished build.

I’d recommend getting it if you’re both a Lego and a Harry Potter fan – I loved building it and it’s a great display piece!

Aug 3, 2022


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