Not Harry Potter

Ok, so today’s post is not about Harry Potter, but it is about a book, and it does feel like something magic just happened!

So when I was like… 15 or something like that, I was (also) really into this one book series, Skammerens Datter (translated to English “The Shamer’s Daughter”)  by Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl. I LOVED those books! And there was an annual book faire that I used to go to with my friends. I even had a little Harry Potter-exhibition there, but that’s beside the point. 

Lene Kaaberbøl would usually visit this faire, and over the course of several years, I had my set of all 4 books in the series signed by her. 

Fast-forward about 5-6 years, and I was an adult moving kind of suddenly and under not so positive circumstances… The idea of moving was just overwhelming and to make it easier on myself, I sold pretty much all my non-Harry Potter books. Including my signed Lene Kaaberbøl ones…

A while after my move, I was in a much better place mentally, but man, did I regret selling all those books! I’ve since tried to find them again, and some where easy enough to replace, but my new set of Lene Kaaberbøl-books don’t feel complete, because, well, they don’t have the signatures,

Now, remember that magic I mentioned earlier? Well, today I was in my local 2nd hand shop, and as is my habit when I find one of the books, I checked Skammertegnet for a signature – and would you know, I found my freakin’ copy!! With my name and her autograph. What are the odds? I moved away from the town I lived in when I sold my books, yet somehow, it found it’s way here. I won’t give up looking for the rest of the set, now that I know it’s not impossible!

Jul 10, 2022


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