Still collecting

It’s been a while, but I’m still here and still collecting! I added a couple of books since my last update, but nothing super interesting – HP6 in German (original cover art version) and HP3 in the original British children’s hardcover version. 

A friend of mine went to a convention in Germany and she brought me the German HP book. It seems they’re starting to be more rare to find, so I need to step up my game to get the last two. I’m still missing the 3rd and 7th in that edition. She also brought me some cool cardbacks with HP on them! I’ll see if they fit my Hogwarts Battle game cards, if not I will use them for my HP trading cards – I still have some of the original ones from Wizards of the Coast. Actually a fun game, but sadly I only have the base set and not the later expansion with Quidditch. 

As I added the new additions to the book list, I also re-shot some of my books, as I had some sets split up in multiple pics for sets I didn’t get in one go. I’ve taken new photos of those.

As always, my cats were super helpful and even in a lineup of books, Quincy sniffed out the new ones. 

Mar 8, 2023


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