The Complete Series (Kazu Kabuishi art version)

Ok, so I already had the books in American… But I was just browsing around in an online bookstore and happened to notice they had this book set listed as “used” at a very compelling price. They didn’t have pictures of the actual product, just stock images, but the listing described them as “almost as new” and the price was pretty good, sooo… I bought them. Fast-forward a few days for shipping and a brand new box set has appeared! It was still wrapped in foil when I opened the package. It has minor dents in the corner, but all in all I’m beyond pleased. Since my list currently only includes 1 photo pr. book/set, I will add some extra photos below – the back side of the cover has really nice art as well, and I like the quotes on each book, too.

Jan 16, 2022


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