The one that (didn’t) get away!

I’ve written about this book before and how there’s someone buying up all the copies from marketplace etc. and reselling them at quite a big markup. Well, finally I was faster!

I got it for a really good price, and I’m really happy! I love all of my Harry Potter books and I enjoy buying them, but I’m not made of gold – and I also find pride in getting good deals on my books. 

Finally, I have all 7 of the original, non-book club hardcover versions in Danish. This is the 2nd edition – 1st edition in Denmark is a softcover version featuring the same artwork. At some point, I will do a deep dive on the different editions in Denmark. I tried to contact the publisher to get more info, but they ignored my request. Still, I think I know a lot about the Danish editions and I want to share that knowledge to help collectors from other countries. For now, though, enjoy my book shelf having the full set in hardcover, finally!


May 7, 2022


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